ARC Studio

Welcome to ARC Studio, a boutique daylight photography studio located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Jordaan district, on one of city’s most beautiful and relaxed canals (Egelantiersgracht).

Our studio combines charm, convenience, and modern facilities to ensure your shoots are a great experience.

Studio 1 (4m x 10m)

Key Features

Natural Light

Our main studio is flooded with amazing natural light, perfect for capturing those vibrant, dynamic shots. Big windows let in all the daylight you need, making it ideal for everything from portraits to fashion shoots.

Prime Location

Tucked away on the laid-back Egelantiersgracht, one of Amsterdam’s most gorgeous and chill canals, our studio is a hidden gem. Just a quick five-minute walk from the Westermarkt tram stop and Westerstraat, it’s super easy to get to and surrounded by the cool vibes, boutique galleries, and sandwich shops of the Jordaan.

Amenities and Services

Need a break? Our fully equipped kitchen is perfect for recharging during long shoots. Plus, we can hook you up with catering services to keep you and your crew fueled and ready to go.

Accommodation for International Clients

Got clients flying in? We’ve got you covered with comfy rooms for overnight stays. ARC Studio is your ultimate one-stop spot, blending work and play in Amsterdam’s most charming neighbourhood.

Studio Details

ARC Studios
  • Studio 1:  Big with Daylight (4M x 10M)
  • Studio 2:  (2,70Mx 4,50M)
  • 2x Bowens Esprit Gemini 500 Flashlights
  • 2x Bowens Tripods
  • 1x Bowens Softbox Square
  • 1x Bowens Umbrella
  • 1x Godox Octa Softbox Bowens 95CM
  • 1x Godox Octa Softbox Bowens 140CM
  • Studioking Daylight SB07 1x45W
  • Godox LED6R Pocketsize
  • Falcon Eyes Backdrop system 250×305
  • Backdrop Paper roll 1,35M x 11M (Black, Grey, White)
  • Backdrop Paper roll 2,72M x 11M (Grey, White, Chroma key Green)
  • 2x Godox canvas sheet white or black
  • Manfrotto Tripod
  • Calumet Pro Transmitter & Receiver
  • 2x Imac 15inch
  • Steaming machine


Enjoy half & full day rentals.

Contact for a quote.