February 17th – March 17th

ARC Amsterdam is happy to announce their upcoming event NEXT GEN – February 17th – March 17th.
NEXT GEN gives young creatives a stage to present their art, passion and creativity. As well a place to talk about mindset and personal growth.
NEXT GEN also hosts talks, discussions and meet ups with the creatives. Stay tuned to ARC Amsterdam for more information. Or DM us if you want to participate.
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 CMYK – a story about color

December 9th 2022 – February 16th

Miguel Gori – Mickwell
CMYK* is an observation about the contrast of color. Color can be found everywhere, even in the most dark non-color environments. Contrary to that, on one of his journeys to Europe, Miguel was surprised by the absence of color on the facades of brands with the most colorful collections. By bringing the two projects together in opposite walls the contrast is even bigger.
*CMYK refers to the four ink plates used in some color printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). It refers to his time as an art director of a printed magazine.
Miguel Gori is an experienced art director, creative director and photographer with a great eye for detail based in Amsterdam.
After splitting his time between Italy and the Netherlands in his youth, Miguel first completed Art School in Italy, and subsequently attended the Art Academy Sint Joost in Breda. Following his studies, Miguel started his career as art director for Esprit and Mexx. The following years, inspired by the fashion environment, Miguel became a successful photographer. For several years, he worked for the leading national and international fashion magazines and brands.
With this experience in mind, Miguel co-founded an international multimedia agency, named Solar Initiative. In its cross-media field, where commercial assignments and art alternated and merged, Solar Initiative had several award-winning projects and multiple exhibitions. Some examples are the Red Dot Award, the European Design Award, and the Mercurs Award. As an art director, Miguel’s highlight was, when he was asked to become Art Director of the Dutch Vogue. For six years, he developed and took care of the brand and magazine in the Netherlands.
After his period with Vogue, Miguel decided to turn his focus fully back on his first passion: photography. Of course, now using his extensive knowledge of art and fashion. He is able to see beauty and a story in unexpected places and catches these moments with a strong graphic eye.